Ebola death in the third world are really caused by people told they are positive of HIV, and are then given mass doses of HIV DRUGS. The death by HIV drugs are being covered up by telling the public the death were caused by an Ebola outbreak. I will prove below without any doubt that the HIV virus DOES NOT EXISTS, and the Ebola deaths are really mass murder using HIV DRUGS KNOWN AS “DNA CHAIN TERMINATORS“.

Why the “HIV Tests” Can’t Tell You Whether You Have HIV

Ten Reasons Not To Take An HIV Test

Meet DR. Robert E. Willner.


Dr Robert E. Willner was a medical doctor from Florida who wrote a book titled “Deadly Deception: the Proof That Sex And HIV Absolutely Do Not Cause AIDS”. A book presenting the facts that HIV does not cause Aids.

Dr. Willner became famous with his well documented book that the Jewish dominated Medical monopoly said is nothing more than Aids Denialism, like the so-called Holocuast Denialism .


The Deadly Deception

After his book was published, Dr. Robert E. Willner’s medical license was revoked for, treating an AIDS patient with ozone therapy. Ozone therapy gets your license revoked, but feeding deadly AZT and other death meds are exceptable.

The following month, on October 28 1994, in a press conference at a North Carolina Sheraton hotel, Dr. Robert E. Willner injected himself with blood that was from an HIV-infected patient.

After the conspiracy to revoke Dr. Robert E. Willner’s medical license. Dr. Willner spent every waking hour devoted to exposing the truth about the world elite Global depopulation conspiracy until he was found dead. A suspected murder. It was labeled a heart attack, but Dr. Robert Willner was in perfect health. Never any heart problems.

House of Numbers: Anatomy of an Epidemic : This is the first film to present the uncensored POVs of virtually all the major players; in their own settings, in their own words. It rocks the foundation of a new generation upon which all conventional wisdom regarding HIV/AIDS was based. House of Numbers is another documentary to bring sanity and clarity to a fake epidemic gone awry.

HIV=AIDS : Fact of Fraud? Ten reasons Hiv is not the Cause of Aids. Ten reasons Hiv is not the cause of Aids is still the reality and still standing, as they have since Dr. Peter Duesberg and Dr. Rodney Richards “Developer of the Hiv Test” have pointed out. There is still NO pathological or etiological process to explain how HIV causes Aids. The ” Viral Load ” theory is dead along with every other explanation presented by the Aids establishment. The drugs and treatments prescribed have produced only limited benefits if any at all, while most of the US Aids patients ( around 65%) are dying from liver toxicity. Aids can be classified as a rare disease in the US now with only about 12,000 new cases each year out of 280 million people, and the majority of these ( about 60-70%) are healthy people who only meet the criteria of having AIDS because they have less than 200 T-cells in one Micro-liter of blood plasma and test Anti Body positive. Not to mention that a person that test positive for HIV anti bodies means that your body has a natural defense against HIV. If there was a Vaccine for HIV, it like all vaccines would be made by creating Anti_bodies. Finally, the CDC still estimates that about 1 – 1.5 million people are HIV positive as they were in 1985. (No Change) As you will note, the cumulative totals of Aids cases and deaths have not increased with time here in the US., but in Africa the “estimated” number of HIV infected people was only 14.2 million in 1996 and is now at about 45 million, an increase of about 300 percent. It is hard to imagine that a virus that only transmits sexually 1 out of 1,000 times could sweep across Africa so swiftly. Obviously, these projected computer estimates are cooked up, and are inconsistent with the facts. While malnutrition and blight have ravaged Africa, The World Health Organization, UNAIDS, & Microsofts “Bill Gates” are pressuring governments to feed toxic drugs to the impoverished. So in reality, the fight has went from the US to the third world where honest reporting and surveillance of HIV/AIDS cannot be tracked as easily. Not to mention the scientifically crafted propaganda put out in movies like the ” The Constant Gardener” that use the technique of fear, manipulation, peer pressure and half truths to help build up a cult like following in their belief that HIV cause’s Aids. When it’s a sinister depopulation agenda. There is hope. Just ask “Magic Johnson” who owes his life to the information provided in the DVD HIV = AIDS: Fact or Fraud?. The growing number of leaders like President Thabo Mbeki in South Africa are asking the tuff questions and presenting a challenge to the fear based HIV = AIDS = Death Cult. We are making an impact on what could result in mass genocide throughout the world, so we must not give up. Millions of Lives are at risk. The Aids establishment is making 100′s of Billions of Dollars off Drug Company Sponsored Walks, Donations for research, and selling of the Dangerous Drugs themselves. Even though the People behind the war on Aids are the same ones behind the war on Cancer, Cancer has jumped from 1 in 300 people to 1 in 3, yet people still fund these scientists without any kind of public oversight. With the 100′s of billions given to the Cancer / Aids machine what incentive do they have to find a cure? There is a new danger at home in the US. We are facing a problem that is similar to Africa’s National Immunization day. Now in the US we have something called National HIV testing Day. The forces behind the HIV machine put out information to frighten people into getting an Hiv test. The HIV test is no longer private. The results are given to the state and put in their data base, then sent on to the CDC. Now taking into consideration that HIV does not cause Aids. ” Which is proven in the Documentary HIV = AIDS ?” Another serious danger is the forcing of pregnant mothers to take Aids causing drugs, and if they don’t feed the toxic drugs to new and unborn babies the mothers are labeled as being un-fit mothers and reported to the authorities and there children taken away. Another problem is mandatory laws. Prisons, Jails, Mental Institutions & Child Foster Homes forcing people in state custody to take an HIV test. If you refuse they hold you down like in Orwells “1984″. Each year more states are passing this legislation. Then force people to take the AIDS causing medication. Also the State & Drug company Funded HIV counseling centers tell people the side effects are just things like belly aches or nausea. There are many more dangers not being disclosed, because the people who work for most HIV foundations are funded by pharmaceutical companies, and have signed contracts with confidentiality agreements that keep them from having honest debate, if you could find one that would. Here is the Global Depopulation plan.

1. Through every form of Media develop a cult like belief that Hiv causes Aids.

2. Then convince everyone through fear and disinformation to get tested. knowing Anyone could test positive for Hiv. Read “Why the “HIV Tests” Can’t Tell You Whether You Have HIV”. By Dr. Rodney Richard who’s the maker of the E.L.I.S.A. HIV Test.

3. When a person finds out they have the Hiv virus, they become scared. The Stress from thinking they have a death sentence cause’s a lowering of the T-Cell count. The Doctor will then prescribe toxic AIDS cocktails that cause’s Aids. (The only exception is those that are already using Toxic street drugs which destroys the Immune system)

4. The Aids Cartel is also convincing people “brainwashing” that Aids is being spread by the sharing of needles. Yet go look at the stats in cities where people share there needles compared to cities with needle exchange programs. Where needles are exchanged for fresh needles there are more cases of Aids, because it’s the intravenous drug use not the sharing of needles that is destroying the immune system.

5. The Use of mandatory laws to force people to death, except the people will walk to there death voluntarily, due to the cult like belief’s brainwashed into them by those responsible for millions of deaths by toxic HIV drugs. By prescribing Aids Cocktail Medication which say on the Manufacturing Package will destroy the immune System.

6. The result? Global Depopulation on a mass scale. Not by HIV, but by Toxic Drugs from the pharmaceutical Company. Think it’s Conspiracy nonsense? Turn on your television in the United States and in the Afternoon it’s commercials by Law firms asking if you or your love ones have died or health’s been permanently destroyed. Then in the evening pharmaceutical commercials saying try our drugs with a person casually noting the side affects of death, cancer, immune System failure, Sleep walking, sleep Driving, Sleep eating, Thoughts of suicide, thought’s of killing others, Addiction to Gambling, or uncontrollable sexual eurges, shortness of breath or just stop breathing. The list of deadly symptoms goes on…. It’s imperative that you counter act this Global Depopulation Program!



The Other Side Of Aids

The video “the other side of Aids” has some good information, but as you will see. It’s purpose is to leave you right where you were before you watched it. Here’s what I mean. As you watch the video you will see them expose the lies of HIV=AIDS, but at the same time it will say without really saying , also implying that they are not sure that the HIV=AIDS hypothesis is incorrect.

The way I found this video was very interesting to say the lease. I had watched the best documentary on AIDS made. The one above,”HIV=AIDS: Fact or Fraud?” At the end of the documentary was some Aids Educational Organizations. Being an activist of truth I wanted to help in anyway I could. So tried to contact the groups listed, but I found that most were no longer active. Only one was still active, but had kind of changed it’s agenda. It was basically now a one man operation. I asked the gentleman about a couple of people on the Documentary “HIV=Aids”, and he knew one. It was Christine Maggiore, who with her husband made “The Other Side Of Aids”. The gentleman I spoke to gave me the name of there new organization. My first question after receiving the new information was why did they need to start a new organization. What was wrong with the old one?

I called the number an none other than Christine Maggiore answered. I asked her about Steve Allen the producer of “HIV=AIDS” and his video, because I wanted to buy a dvd of it. Well she told me that she didn’t know a Steve Allen, which at the time I suspected was a lie. I finally, through an act of god I found Steve.

When I told him my experience with Christine saying she didn’t know him, he was shocked, and I could tell it hurt him to hear that. He could not understand why she would say that.

At first I thought the reasons for her lying was because she had her own Hiv/aids Video her and her husband were trying to peddle, but upon closer investigation here’s what I found.

Just like in the case of Joyce Riley & Dave VonKliest of the GCN (Garbage Can Network) show The Power Hour. Christine Maggiore & her husband Robin Scovill do not use the same last name. That is not the norm, unless you are from Korea, or your marriage is not as important as keeping your last name. Not really sure if that mean anything, but here is something that does mean something.

Dr. Paul Murray Fleiss (Jew) who is on the advisory board of the Alive & Well Organization. It’s a 501(c)(3) non-profit (Which Is Really all Profit). That claims to have been founded by Christine Maggiore. They have people on the advisory board which I have been able to prove migrated straight from a mainstream HIV/AIDS education. Maybe they saw the light, but I don’t think so.

Dr. Paul Murray Fleiss (Jew) has been convicted of laundering money, and has pled guilty to three felony charges of conspiracy and bank fraud. Yet only did one day in jail. (huh ?)

This doctor goes on to bring attention to himself , by being investigated for his role in the death of a child that didn’t get AZT treatments that should have gotten, even though the child was never tested for HIV. hmmm,..

His whole purpose seemed to have been to trying and bring negative attention to the point where they could say that the so called Aids Denialist are child killers they must be stopped. It didn’t work.

He also goes on the show of two fellow jews called Penn & Teller’s Bullshit to be mocked as the Aids Denialist. This guy has more than a colorful past.

If you haven’t figured it out by now. This is the father of the MOSSAD Handled Hollywood Madam Heidi Fliess who used her call girls to compromise the richest men in the world and video tape them in there weird, creepy, Bizarre, sexual sickness. Watch Heidi Fliess:Hollywood Madam to hear the stuff they did not tell you on television.

Here is what his whore of a daughter told fellow Jew CNN Talk show host Larry King in an interview design for jew damage control in 2002. Quote” These are the richest people on earth that I’m dealing with. Their conception of money is totally different than yours or mine. They’ll pay $3 million a hand at blackjack and have five hands going.”

I first got a taste for entrepreneurship when I was a teenager living at home.” Close quote. hmmm…

Now things are a little clearer to me, but I still have unanswered Questions.


WARNING: Read this disclaimer. The Dr. Strecker lecture below is from 1986. This information is important, but keep in mind that Aids is not a Virus. Strecker makes a mistake that most people do when dealing with this issuse. They suspect that the government made hiv which turns into Aids,or came from a green monkey, or a Trans-testicle flight attendant on a plane that got a (Hepatitis B) shot by a doctor is where it comes from. WRONG!

Hiv=Aids is a mind control Psy-op’s depopulation plan where you kill yourself as explained above, which is different than the Global Military Industrial/W.H.O.’s germ warfare based depopulation programs. Len Horowitz wrote a whole book to mislead people down a conspiracy dead end, and time has proven me right. What evidence in his book has helped to get results? NONE! . Len Horowitz is disinfo, just like Alex Jones on the AIDS issue. Please expose these people call them and pull their card , and never stop.

Dr. Ted Strecker is trying to explain the Hiv/Aids hypothesis using some HIV/Aids establishment propaganda Dis info. He keeps saying that Cancer is AIDS if a person tests positive for Hiv Anti-bodies. BULLSHIT ! Also that the virus mutates and so it’s not able to be stopped. BULLSHIT !

The important parts of Dr. Ted Streckers documentary is his source material on germ warfare on the world Slave Class population.

The Strecker Memorandum


Guinea Pig Kids:

Guinea Pig Kids Exposes the profit making corporation of the state know as child welfare services. The documentary shows how the Frankenstein Medical Monopoly uses the weak and unprotected Children it seizes as Guinea Pigs. It focuses on the inner-city children of New York who’s parents are powerless against the armed Cult members of the state, and under their cold blooded supervision tests experimental AIDS drugs on innocent children.


Books Worth their salt.

Like with 911 attacks, you keep learning more amazing details with each book or video you research on the Hiv=Aids depopulation psy-ops conspiracy.




Definition of Nigger: a person of any race or origin regarded as contemptible, inferior, ignorant, etc. One that does the bidding of their oppressor.


Most people think that Magic Judas Johnson put movie theaters in the black community to stimulate a black economy. The truth is he just knows that blacks watch movies like everybody else, so why not make a profit playing the reverse race card, while being a low down Judas Goat. The black Community thinks that Magic Judas gives a shit about blacks because he put a Magic Judas Theater in their community. He used a Jewish public relations firm to portrait himself as a community conscious black man as a way to gain the trust of the black community. He then could be used by his handlers for the next phase which is the HIV depopulation Plot. That’s why you can plainly see the psy-ops being used by placing the theater in the back drop of the pharmaceutical ad. It sends a subliminal message, “You can trust me”. The media has told people that if you contract HIV it will turn into AIDS between 6 months to 10 years. Then HIV AIDS establishment said it may take 15 years to get AIDS. With people exposing that Magic Judas is going on 30 years now, saying he never had HIV, or the other explanation is, that he never had HIV. How about the obvious, HIV DOES NOT EXISTS!!!

Magic Judas is telling people it is due to taking HIV drugs. HE’S A LYING JUDAS TOM !!!!

This Uncle Tom was once scared that he would die of AIDS, so he used his popularity to fight for HIV-AIDS issues. Once MAGIC JUDAS JOHNSON was given the video “HIV+Aids: Fact or Fraud”, and he found out that it was nothing more than a Global Depopulation Psy-ops. Now that he knows he has nothing to worry about he’s working with the Federal Government, United Nation & the C.I.A. cult “Nation Of Islam” to encourage Blacks and others to get tested, and to take the murderous pharmaceutical drugs.

This Judas Goat also uses his Media exposure to advertise for GlaxoSmithKline‘s drugs, and partnered with Abbott Laboratories to kill as many Negros as possible in African American communities.

Dick Gregory Has Spent A Life Time Confusing The Black Man For The Jews.




Dick Gregory was also the presidential running mate of the Jew Mark Lane who was the Lawyer that helped to cover up the murder of Martin Luther King.




This Mark lane was the same one that was the lawyer for the jew run cult known as The People’s Temple aka, Jonestown that imprisoned, Robbed, and killed 911 black American’s.

lane_in_jonestown_croppedDick Gregory’s Presidential Running Mate Mark Lane with Jim Jones before killing 911 blacks.


Leonard Horowitz has a book called “the origins of AIDS and Ebola”, that is exposed as being a fraud by the doctors and evidence below. He does talk about certain topics truthfully, but stays away from the most important truths like the Cancer Cure Conspiracy and AIDS, and pushes fear mongering to heard the sheep into his Cult for cash.


He is an adulterer and has been accused of being involved in a murder. STAY AWAY FROM THIS QUACK !!

dr-len-g-horowitz-murder-adultry-oxysilver1HERE IS THE LENARD HOROWITZ YOU DID NOT GET TO SEE.